Accounting Vendor invoices

Unless the vendor invoices are accounted under the proper heads, the finance will not be able to have a clear cut idea on the accounts payable. During the process of accounting we also verify the accuracy with the filed rates if available.

Agents reconciliation

A reconciled account with the agents gives us a better picture on receivables and payables. Our process starts by getting the statement from the agent and complete the reconciliation including resolving the disputed credits and debits.

Bank Reconciliation

Transactions has to be reconciled and ensured that all entries on the bank statements  tallies with our books of accounts. With increase in the no of transactions process itself becomes tedious, but we complete this and provide reports to the principal to finalise the process with ease.

Credit Control Management

There should be defined procedures to allocate credit to customers and proper monitoring to ensure the availed credit is well within the defined parameters. A very close monitoring process is done with regular alerts when any customer is overboard and also complete filing to ensure all required documents are filed / renewed to keep the credit live.

Accounts receivable & collections

Unless proper follow up of receivables are done the possibility of receipt of due amounts can get delayed effecting the cash flow. Regular follow ups and updates to all parties involved to speedup the process, any pending attachments required will be sourced and provided.

Internal Job Audit

Whether it is to locate any revenue loss or to ensure proper procedures are being followed , a review after the job is closed will help curtail a lot of issues.

Control Reports

With complex structures and incentive patterns, we take the headache away from you on Control Reports.

Budget Vs Actual

Periodical analysis on where we stand based on the actual performance with the budgeted ones keeps the sales force on their toes. This also assists the management and finance revise their targets and expenses.

Projections (Receipts & Payments)

With us handling the accounts receivables and payables you will have good control over the cash flow and can retain your credibility as a good paymaster. We provide periodical projections on the receivables and payables helping you to plan your finance without any surprises.

Monthly / Quarterly P&L

A monthly / quarterly exercise to take corrective steps instead of waiting till the books are finalized.

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