Tariff Management & Pricing

Our tariff management and pricing services allow your company to increase profits by keeping track of the best rates available for each sector , unit and type. It’s a systematic approach to ensure that you can take advantage of your filed rates. An effective tariff management program allows your company to book profits by reducing the costs of doing business in an aggressively competitive global economy.

Tariff update and maintenance

A very crucial scope of any freight forwarder is to keep your buying rates updated including the surcharges which keep changing. This influences the structuring of the selling rate which grades the competitive factor of a forwarder.

Tenders & Contracts Management

Tenders and contracts management has to be done with proper analysis and tactical approach, it can bring in a revenue stream for a long period, but if mishandled it will lead to huge loss. We ensure high level scrutiny in preparing these.

Service contract-based MIS and Region / Carrier based reports and analysis.

The pricing department’s negotiating power depends on the current volumes and projected volumes. Without MIS reports one cannot negotiate rates with the carriers as the best rate with unsustainable volume projections can lead to fines and penalties. We will take care of this and will ensure that our customers enjoy the best possible buying rates and stay competitive in the market.

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