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Our professionals have deep technical knowledge and practical knowhow you can trust upon. Comprised of a network of professionals around the globe and in specialized areas of logistics, finance, HR and supply chain, our team is capable enough to provide assistance and support to our clients to manage the complexities of operational systems and managing their business.

We can help your business by managing the following verticals:

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Shipping Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Rising oil prices and a stagnant economic climate have been major contributors to the fiercely competitive nature of the shipping logistics industry. Organizations operating within the industry are constantly seeking out new approaches to create differentiation and generate an advantage over their competitors.

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Finance & HR.

Finance & HR are two pillars that decide the direction and growth potential of a company of any size. Any successful business will have the backing of a very strong Finance & HR policies which are being successfully executed. The irony is that their core values are different and both speak different languages, but within an organization, one cannot survive without the other.

Our experts helps study and implement structured procedures for the company to advance towards higher efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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Infrastructure Management – IT

The IT infrastructure is the heart of any organization. The downtime whether it is a desktop, Laptop, a network or a server directly impacts productivity and profits. It is imperative to have an efficient IT infrastructure management policy in place and the downtime reduced to the lowest. SMB’s find it difficult to have enough experienced engineers on their payrolls to maintain a reasonably low downtime. This is where A&P’s IMit comes into the picture.

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