Infrastructure Management – IT

The IT infrastructure is the heart of any organization. The downtime whether it is a desktop, Laptop, a network or a server directly impacts productivity and profits. It is imperative to have an efficient IT infrastructure management policy in place and the downtime reduced to the lowest. SMB’s find it difficult to have enough experienced engineers on their payrolls to maintain a reasonably low downtime. This is where A&P’s IMit comes into the picture.

Infrastructure Management Service Provider (MSP)

Enterprises have relied on Managed Infrastructure Service Providers (MSP) to get standardized and cost efficient services which allows Enterprises to focus on their core business while reducing risk, increasing infrastructure up time and gain access to newer technologies.
So this will be helping organizations to cutdown the cost maintaining and managing a big IT Infra team.
At Allied and Proxy, we take care of your IT Infrastructure Managed services and streamline with a quality, process oriented transparent way.

IT Infrastructure Review and Compliance Readiness

Over the past years, IT has grown to an extent where we have a maximum dependency with the systems that we use and hence security for the data is getting critical day by day. In the years to come, cybercrime would probably become the greatest threat to every person, place and thing in the world. Hence, understanding the vulnerabilities, threats and opportunities is critical for every business across the world.
Studies states that following security best practices like CIS can greatly help to reduce such attacks.
Allied and Proxy will help you to get complete review of your IT infra and compliance readiness recommendations to go ahead and plan for securing your infrastructure.

Monitoring as a Service

Monitoring the entire IT environment is a business critical task that ensures optimal performance and business continuity. Monitoring is super critical component because problems are not always immediately evident, but tend to build up over time. Its been observed that any critical Downtimes happened will be showing very significant alarms well before the impact.
Allied and Proxy will be helping you as a team to monitor your critical devices and keep you posted with alarms generated.

Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Cyber threats are evolving faster than ever. In the present world where prying eyes are looking for a cyber attack, the cybersecurity skills you need to have at the ready are complex and difficult to find.
Allied and Proxy will be team with technical skills and solutions to fight, hunt and end the threats coming to your IT infra.

Desktop (Management) as a Service (DaaS) and IT Asset Management

Managed Desktop services is an advanced service that allows users to outsource the responsibility of monitoring and maintenance of desktop computers and to concentrate on more business specific functions.
In the present world, where data is the most valued entity than any other, security of the same right from the end users should be implemented. This requires a stringent IT policy and process, security practices without compromising the productivity of the end users.
Allied and Proxy DaaS team will be providing support to the end users of your organization with queries on Desktops in a systematic and process oriented approach by making sure that your systems and users are compliant.

Desktop (Management) as a Service (DaaS) and IT Asset Management – Detailed Listing

Below are the key features for DaaS

  • Security and Performance Evaluation
    From day 1, our team will analyze the security and performance of your device and provide a report according to the best practices that is followed globally. By this you can quickly identify vulnerable/underperforming devices and do the mitigations are required.
  • Implementing Security/Hardening policy to adhere to standards (CIS, PCI)
    If you organization is following/want to follow security standards, our team will be readily available to implement and maintain them.
  • IT asset management
    Maintaining the IT asset inventory will be done and periodic usage reports will be shared.
  • User Management
    User creation/deletion with permission management
  • Patch Management
    To make sure that that devices are patched to the available recommended fixes, our team will follow a patch management process as per your organizational standards.
  • Hardware Management
    We can be your liaison for coordinating with your end vendors for your hardware repairs/requirements
  • Application review and lifecycle management
    Team will be reviewing the applications that end users’ needs and comprehensively follows approval process for making them available for end users.
    Applications that need to be removed/upgraded can be maintained by the team so that the lifecycle of the same is met.
  • Antivirus Management
    Manage Antivirus, proactively and reactively act of alerts triggered.
  • Backup/Recovery Management
    This is a key area in any Organization. Our team will be managing the backup and recovery strategy for your organization.
  • Performance and optimization management of Devices
    Regular monitoring and performance optimizing of the devices will be done and hence to make sure that they are not underperforming and hence will enhance the user experience.