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About Us

Allied & Proxy is a professional service provider, operating to create an everlasting impact on your business by transforming your struggles to your strengths, through our specialized approach. For any project and scope what so ever the size, volume, or value A&P runs it through an expert panel of consultants which includes industry experts to tech wizards, the analytics thus received helps us deliver unprecedented and sustainable results. We outperform your industry experts and help you achieve breakthrough results.

We are equipped to remotely handle 70% of the work involved in the daily operations, in the most effective and efficient manner. The major highlight of Allied & Proxy is the abundant manpower pool from various industries and also the on-hand expertise and experience of the team, in handling both front end and back end activities. Every company has to deal with the enormous employee cost that takes away a major portion of its revenue. Allied & Proxy assist organizations to accomplish their business goals by re-imaging their business today.


To become an epitome of intelligent , efficient & responsible back-office service provider with simple solutions backed by high end technology.


To become the most seeked after solution provider for back office functions.

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Company Profile

Allied & Proxy was founded with a prime focus on delivering solutions for the daily operational issues related to Shipping and Freight Forwarding, Information Technology, Finance, and HR. We look forward to delivering impeccable customer satisfaction, by offering their services at affordable costs.

Our Highlights.

  • Secure data protection protocols
    Stringent security practices are in place to ensure protection of data.
  • Restore work culture and perspective
    Culture brings together the implicit and explicit reward systems that define how an organization works in practice, no matter what an organizational chart, business strategy, or corporate mission statement may say.
  • Accelerated turnaround time
    Our experienced and expert team always aim at completing works entrusted to us in the most efficient manner (to improve TAT ( Turn around time ) & thereby service levels )
  • Handled by domain experts with international exposure
    We have the domain expertise and thorough knowledge to take care of all kinds of documentation and procedures involved in the process for the smooth functioning of your company.
  • Structured procedures & protocols
    Encourages Management to work according to the documented guidelines, protocols, and structured procedures. Policies are specific to the Practice and Practice Culture.
  • Technology-driven processes
    We are innovative, utilizing the latest technology to serve customers in a better way, thereby gaining a competitive advantage, and evolve with the marketplace. We don’t hesitate to embrace advanced technologies, which offer more mobility, freedom, and creativity to innovate.
  • Quick adaptability to complex process
    Adaptation is necessarily local in nature. A flexible structure and the dispersal of decision rights are powerful levers for increasing adaptability.
  • Effective Contingent response strategy.
    Allied & Proxy has a well-defined contingency plan that describes the specific actions that will be taken if an opportunity or a threat occurs. Such actions are effectively framed and will be executed if there is a potential warning sign (risk trigger).
  • Flexible rate structuring
    1. FTE:- Full-time employee method
    2. TBP:- Transaction-based pricing
    3. Contract pricing:- based on tailor-made process
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Our Process

  • Understanding the scope – It involves determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, deliverables, features, functions, tasks, deadlines, and ultimately costs.
  • Understanding the customers ERP process – Helps ensure that the information used across the enterprise is normalized and based on common definitions and user experiences
  • Familiarising the do’s and don’ts
  • Developing an in-house process flow, to reduce time, improve accuracy & efficient handling by adding enough checkpoints and reporting formats.
  • Doing alterations in the in-house software for tracking all the processes.
  • Confirming with Principal the point at which the process will be taken over by AP, Responsibilities, Time frames, Deliverables, and Reports.
  • Allocating resources and training.
  • Fixing the trial period and pilot run.
  • Final take-off.

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