Support Services (Customer / Agent )

Increase efficiency in support through optimized IT operations and accelerated technology availability.

Accelerate technology availability and reduce operational complexity. We provide client-centric, data-driven Support Services across multiple vendors, delivered through our innovative digital capabilities and deep technical expertise. This gives you higher availability, reduced operational complexity, freeing your team to focus on innovation and transformation. Leverage the innovative digital capabilities of our services platform and skills within our Global Delivery Centre’s to help you get the most out of your technology.

RFQ Management

Generally involved in project handling, time frames are set for responses, a lot of importance given for technical details like lifting, placing, route survey etc

Query Handling Voice & Mail

(Rates / Services / Shipment status / Charges)
There are a lot of queries which is received, by mail as well as voice calls. Responding on a professional manner within accepted time frames is considered as a basic quality. Our experienced personnel take care of any queries with available information’s from the ERP or fetching information as required from the principal.

Booking Air/ Sea

Arranging the booking as per the customer’s / agent’s requirement and co-ordinating between the carrier and the shipper for smooth execution. Buying / Selling, scope involved are clearly communicated.

CRM Management

To make sure the CRM is updated with all critical information regarding a customer helps in keeping the customer happy as well as taking the right decisions at the right time.

Nomination / Routing order Management

The import revenue depends more or less on the volume of nominated cargo, the process involves receiving the enquiry till the shipment arrives destination and making sure all stake holders are kept up to date with the shipment status.

Sailing schedule maintenance

The visibility of our sailing schedule whether it is on a portal or on regular updates forwarded is expected by customers for their planning and scheduling. We can get the schedules , arrange as per format and forward on a regular basis or update the portal regularly.

Sales Calls

In the current scenario, it will be difficult for the sales person to make regular visits to customers , with VOIP facility we can make sure the customer is being followed up regularly through calls and we don’t miss any enquiries.

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