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With a combination of top-notch technology, industry-leading, and a rigorously trained team of operators, we can help your company reduce the burden of paper-handling and manual data entry.
Our documentation services allow our clients to streamline labor-intensive document processes of any type or complexity. By indexing and data extraction, you can improve turn-around times without compromising data accuracy or security. Our consultants can work with you to evaluate your current operations and identify opportunities for process improvement, outsourcing, and automation.

Logistics requires obedience to sophisticated paperwork. We have the expertise and knowledge to streamline in digital format, all kinds of paperwork and logistics data entry and freight bill audit services. We post the shipping documents under unique reference ID’s with access for you to search/view at your convenience.

Bills of Lading / Airway Bill Management

Accuracy of the details entered while generating is the key, but on the service level the turn-around time leads the wagon. High accuracy levels are assured with multiple level scrutiny maintaining the turnaround time.

Costing / Invoicing generation

Need not say much as major point to curb revenue loss, our procedure involves three point verification one at the level of completing the costing, next before submitting and finally before accounting.

DGR / IMDG form filing / approvals

With geo political issues around the world and with procedures adapted by each port of loading and discharge, form filing for DGR approvals is a major headache when you want to handle IMCO cargo.

Pre alert EDI / Manual transmission

Major scope after execution of an export shipment, A professional pre alert provides all details required for the agent to handle the shipment and arrange release of cargo without any delays. Our personnel ensure all required information is clearly mentioned / attached along with the prealert.

AMS Filing / EDI submission for ports & Customs

Even though the US has introduced the AMS, a lot of countries are following suit, but now whether the manifest is filed in advance or as per the law of the land, the details are linked to the border security of a country. Hence, it is the responsibility of the forwarder to ensure the processes and time frames are maintained without fail. Our personnel keeps tabs on the time frame applicable and filing will be done efficiently.

Dispatch of Cargo Arrival Notices

Even though an add on service legally, every importer expects their service provider to inform them the details of the arrival well in advance. We will ensure to collect the contact details of the consignee and arrival notices as sent prior arrival of the shipment.

Manifest receipt and ERP data processing

As an agent once you receive a pre alert the most professional approach is to immediately acknowledge receipt and the follow up with queries if any. Then comes the task of transferring the data into your ERP for further process. Our procedures make this a smooth walk through.

Transhipment status

Mostly applicable for LCL shipments (For forwarders), this involves the arrival, procedure status, connection details & confirmation of loading. These updates are sent in proper report format with follow up as and when required.

Status reports

This is basically shipment status depending on the type of service offered, reports are sent to the agents, shippers, consignees etc time lines are followed religiously with regular reports.

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