Shipping Freight Forwarding & Logistics

Rising oil prices and a stagnant economic climate have been major contributors to the fiercely competitive nature of the shipping logistics industry. Organizations operating within the industry are constantly seeking out new approaches to create differentiation and generate an advantage over their competitors.

With a rich history and extensive experience within the sector, we have the ability to provide an all-encompassing solution for freight logistics. Our logistics offerings are well defined, to produce solutions specific to the logistics industry and drive growth for your organization.

Expediting Freight Flow, Strengthening Your Supply Chain Efficiency

Dedicated agents: Our team of experienced Freight management personnel handles all projects and is trained to help deliver industry-specific customized solutions.

Freight Flow Management: Our Freight Bill of Lading processing and other logistics document management services help you to efficiently manage your freight flow expeditiously, boosting your supply chain management.

Global Reach: The effective back-office support provided by our delivery centers in India makes us best positioned to manage logistics activities across sectors and geographies.

Defined SOPs: Implementation of well-defined SOPs as per your SLA, based on industry-best practices ensures data quality and accuracy, process efficiency, and minimal TAT leading to improved and consistent service levels.

Scalability: As per your changing requirements, we proactively scale up our services ensuring agility and uninterrupted service delivery.

24*7 Customer Service: We have round-the-clock dedicated multichannel customer service and helpdesk services to look into all your issues.

We can help your business manage complex events such as:


Support Services

Increase efficiency in support through optimized IT operations and accelerated technology availability.